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The Ani-Me’

A lil Diference (SupaMane)

This is a song about the everyday person making a difference in their community. Everybody is unique and has something to offer. This is our superpower. So the question is, what is yours?

Make A Lil Difference in your own way.

I see you Supamane 😉

New Song

The Art of Self

It’s the rare man who truly knows himself.

I have God and Anime on my side so you can never defeat me.

My name is Fiz Calas, better known as The Ani-Me. I love all art forms of expression. Music and writing were the things I happen to pick up first. I was raised in Miami, FL. I want to retire at age 37 from conventional working. I plan to make art forever. I don’t know if I am broken and numb or healed and chilled but either way I’m cool with it. Life is good and dreams are better. I adamantly try to make a distinction between a rapper and artist. I don’t think they’re the same. I want to establish myself as an artist. I just want money to travel and share delicious meals with people. So buy my stuff and follow my links and play my music. I can only give what I have and that’s all love baby.


DOB: 11/01/1988

Based In: Tampa, FL


+(305) 720 - 7709